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Citizen CL-S700

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The Barcoder Citizen CL-S700 is robust and durable, with a solid metallic shell design and a user-friendly LCD control panel that allows the printer to switch back and forth. Between the two Datamax and Zebra modes ... The Ribbon's (ARCP) positioning and control system helps to strain the ribbon, minimizing slippage and ribbon creasing. The Citizen CL-S700 is a line of industrial barcode printers capable of meeting specific needs and constraints for harsh industrial environments.

Manufacturer: Citizen.

-  Origin: Japan.

-  Model: CL-S700.

-  Printing mode: heat transfer, direct printing.

-  Printing speed: 10 ips (max). - Print length: 32 "(max).

-  Induction: Label gap, notch or reflective Moveable media sensor: Standard.

-  Thickness of printing paper: 0.0025 "- 0.01".

-  Ribbon: Wax, Was / Resin, Resin.

-  Ribbon width: 33 ~ 110 mm.

-  Ribbon length: Max 450m.

-  Size: 274 mm (W) x 465 mm (D) x 247 mm (H).

-  Weight: 13.3kg.

-  Power supply: 100 / 240V, 50-60Hz Universal power supply.

-  RAM: 16.0 Mb (1.0 Mb for user data) Flash RAM (NV): 4.0 Mb (1.0 Mb for user data).

-  Interface: Standard (1284 compliant), RS232C: Standard (up to 115,200 bps), USB: Standard (version 1.1), Ethernet: Optional Internal (10/100 base T).

-  Languages: Datamax®, Zebra®. - Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8. - The CL-S700 series printers are durable and easy-to-use industrial printers.

   The CL-S700 delivers outstanding performance that other types of industrial printers do not have: ribbon control and ARCP system positioning eliminates ribbon wrinkles and paper slip.

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